All work is custom produced to your specifications. There are NO REFUNDS AND NO RETURNS.

All payment must be in ADVANCE OF WORK BEGINNING after acceptance of project layout.

Apply decals to glass and let bond in place for 2 hours. Kiln fire at regular ramp to 1100 degrees. HOLD FOR 20 MINS AT 1100 - you may try 1070 to prevent slight slumping.

Decals will fuse permanently into Borosilicate, Soft Glass, and Quartz.

UV / Glow in the Dark decals may require longer or higher temperature fire time

All work is 100% fully guaranteed and if there is a definite problem on our side we will reprint the job at our expense. However if you experience, common water 'pops' when you apply the decals in your facility. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE.

We DO NOT TEST FIRE YOUR LOGOS after production.

If when you fire these decals in your facility and they appear chalky - DO NOT TOUCH THEM or you may rub them partially off. SIMPLY REFIRE THEM AGAIN.

Any questions please call 520-414-9269

Del Hendrixson Jr

Master Glass Brander